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How to make Hamburgers in the Oven using Foil Recipe-2023


Hamburgers can be high in dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. Dietary cholesterol and saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels in your blood and increase your risk of heart disease.

Once a month is fine. Reduce your intake by choosing a single burger patty without mayonnaise, which contains 4 grams of saturated fat and 26 milligrams of cholesterol. Cholesterol is only found in foods of animal origin and a veggie burger does not contain cholesterol.


Where does the word “hamburger” come from?

It is one of those words whose faulty etymology has caused confusion.A “Hamburger” is not a “hamburger” but rather a “hamburger patty”. The adjective “Hamburger” actually means “from Hamburg”.

The history of the burger is actually quite interesting because it doesn’t really come from Hamburg. It is believed that Russian immigrants brought ground meat patties to the United States, but as most of the ships carrying Russian immigrants across the Atlantic left Hamburg in Germany, this food became known as “steak of burger”.

At one point, someone thought of putting it in a bun and selling “ground steak sandwiches”. Later, people started to forget the “Hamburg” connection, especially when someone slapped a slice of cheese on the patty and called it a “cheeseburger”.

These days we’ve come full circle and hear about ‘beefburgers’, ‘chickenburgers’ and ‘vegeburgers’, but the original ‘hamburger’ never has anything to do with ham.

How to make Hamburgers in the Oven using Foil:


11 oz (300g) lean ground beef or a mix of pork and beef mince ((or sub with ground turkey/chicken for a lighter meal))
½ teaspoon garlic powder
½ teaspoon onion powder
salt and pepper
½ pound of baby potatoes cut in half
2 large carrots sliced into one-inch cubes
½ onion sliced
1 ½ tablespoons olive oil
1 ½ Tablespoon Italian seasoning
¼ cup Colby jack cheese shredded (or ½ cups)


STEP – 1

Prep. Cut the heavy duty aluminium foil into two sheets. Set aside. In a large bowl combine ground beef, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt and black pepper. Shape into two or three beef patties (2 patties make a good size for 2-3 people). Set aside.

STEP – 2

In a medium bowl toss potatoes, carrots, onion with olive oil, and dried Italian herb seasoning. Divide between two packets and top with the beef patties. Fold the dinner packets into small sealed bags leaving enough space on top for the air circulation.

STEP – 3

Oven Instructions. Place the hobo dinner packets onto baking sheet or sheets and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celcius for 35-45 minutes.

STEP – 4

Grill/hot coals of fire Instructions. Simply place the packets on the grill or over coals and cook or 45-60 minutes. I recommend checking the beef and veggies for doneness at about 40 minute mark.

STEP – 5

Towards end of cooking, open the packets and top with shredded cheese. Close the packets and wait until cheese is melted, just a couple of minutes.

STEP – 6

Potatoes and carrots should be tender, this will mean that your dinner is ready. If you want your meat well done, cook it for longer. Serve hot with favorite dipping sauces.

Nutrition Facts:

Calories 376 Calories from Fat 180% Daily Value* Fat 20g31% Saturated Fat 7g44% Trans Fat 1g Polyunsaturated Fat 1g Monounsaturated Fat 10g Cholesterol 78mg26% Sodium 174mg8% Potassium 864mg25% Carbohydrates 23g8% Fiber 4g17% Sugar 3g3% Protein 26g52% Vitamin A 6948IU139% Vitamin C 19mg23%
Calcium 156mg16% Iron 4mg22%


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Why do Americans like to eat hamburgers?

Last night I had a great burger at one of those glitzy gourmet burger restaurants that are popping up all over the country. Let me try to describe what was wonderful about it and about burgers in genera

First up: the beef. Oh, beef. I wish I could leave you. I’ve tried giving up beef more than once and failed each time. A good burger patty contains enough fat to hold together and drain the succulent juices. The way I order my burgers (medium rare, pink all over) you get an interesting variety of flavors, from flamed outside to half-raw inside. I hate restaurants that refuse to serve me an all-pink burger, probably for fear of food poisoning and lawsuits. It’s a dead giveaway that beef is lousy. Use enough beef and handle it properly, and you can eat the food raw with little risk. I also hate the low-fat patty trend. It just means the thing will disintegrate the second I bite into it.

Second: Bun. Bread, the stick of life! I’ve eaten burgers on everything from Wonder Bread to artisan baguettes. The ideal bun is strong enough to withstand dripping juices and a firm grip, yet soft enough for you to bite down cleanly and easily. Pretzel buns are becoming popular, but I don’t like them because chewing inevitably leads to a crushed patty and toppings. A nice sponge cake batter is preferable.

Now, if you have a ground beef patty on a bun, you technically have a burger. It’s usually a bit more elaborate, though.

Third: sauces. I’m a standard ketchup-mustard-mayo girl. This combination has a mix of salty, spicy, and oily flavors that I love. But at any decent burger joint, you’ll probably have more options. Barbecue sauce is popular because it obviously tastes great with beef. The Big Mac “special sauce” is basically a dressing from the Thousand Islands. Fancy burger spots can offer an exotic aioli. The point is customization, and customization is arguably the source of the burger’s great popularity and longevity.

Fourth: Toppings. Again, the name of the game is customization. A standard American burger contains lettuce, tomato, and possibly sliced onions and pickles. Cheese is also extremely popular. These add interesting textures to the burger – the crunch of lettuce, the squish of tomato, the slippery bits of pickle. This is what makes the burger feel like a meal in itself. There are food groups! What else do you need? Fancy burger restaurants will offer an endless variety of toppings. Onion rings, fried eggs, grated carrots, jalapenos. And, of course, bacon. What goes well with beef? All. I usually stick with the lettuce-tomato-onion base, although the tomato is usually flavorless. Even gourmet burger joints will give you a hothouse tomato with all the flavor systematically extracted. But still, a thick slice of tomato adds something crunchy and fresh that contrasts nicely with the hot burger.


Obviously, with ideal ingredients, a hamburger is a thing of beauty and joy forever. But like with pizza, sometimes even poor quality ingredients can combine into something good. It’s also hard to beat the macronutrient-to-dollar ratio of a drive-thru burger. I remember buying 3 barebones burgers at McDonald’s for $1 total because it was the fastest and cheapest way to get enough energy to last me through an 8 hour shift. . Slap enough ketchup on these things and they almost got tasty.

How to make good hamburger patties?

What do you need:

1 pound of bacon.
5 lbs ground beef chuck
Rub dry
A large mixing bowl
meat thermometer


Block or cubed cheese (I usually go with sharp cheddar and pepper jack)
Jalapenos. (I just have a small pot.)
Chopped onions
This assumes that everything is already unfrozen.



Put all the ground beef in the bowl. Cut the bacon into small pieces. Usually I just open the package and put the whole thing on the cutting board and just cut half inch pieces. Then I take it all apart and put it in the bowl.


If you’re adding jalapeños or onions or whatever, put them in the bowl. Do not pour the juice if it is canned or in a jar. Add your choice of dry rub. You can use just about anything for beef or steaks and you’ll be fine.


Mix well with your hands. Take out a piece and place it on the cutting board and flatten it with your hand. If you’re not adding cheese, skip this. Otherwise make a small hollow in the pancake.


Put the cheese there. Then remove a smaller piece and cover it. You really have to press on it so that it doesn’t collapse. Now, if you’re smart, you’re already heating up the grill by doing this. You want a hot side and a cool side. This means that on one side you have your burners on if it is a gas grill or you have your charcoal on one side if it is a charcoal grill.


Put your patties in the refrigerator and close it. Check the temperature regularly. Your target temperature is 160°F. Some may cook faster than others, so you should check your temperature on each one. At around 110-115°F, turn them over, but keep them cool.


Keep checking the temperature. When they are about 155-160°F, move them to the hot side and brown both sides. After that you can move them to the cold side, pit the cheese on top and close the lid for about 10 seconds. At this point they are done, so enjoy.


Some people will only eat a burger if it’s done right, which isn’t unreasonable. Well done is best achieved by baking the patty to 160 degrees F and allowing it to rest for 10 minutes and continue to be well done. If you cook the patty longer, until it reaches 165 degrees inside, it will no longer be juicy. 160 will give you a well done juicy burger.

If you like your burgers medium or less, just get good meat, at least 20% fat, and don’t press down on the burger while cooking. When you press down on the burger, you force the juices out, causing it to dry out, no matter how well the patty is cooked. Leave it alone and let it cook. Don’t play with it.


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