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Easy Recipe For Rice Salad-2023


Are you a rice lover? If so, this healthy Rice Salad recipe is sure to tantalize your taste buds. With the added goodness of apples and rice, this rice salad recipe is a great way to beat the heat! This amazing and unique recipe will surely wow your guests without much effort. All you need to keep in mind is to gently mix all the ingredients to keep the texture of the rice and other ingredients intact. The most important thing about a rice dish is maintaining its grain size. You can garnish your salad with whatever toppings you prefer. This recipe looks extremely appetizing on the table if carefully garnished and served. Show off your cooking skills and wow your family and friends with this sumptuous rice salad!


How do you prepare your personal Rice Salad?

The best rice salad is one you create for the flavors you like. I use leftover cold cooked rice – brown or white. I add small cubes (or shreds) of smoked baby swiss or any cheese of choice, then add sliced green onion, along with chopped olives (black for me – but kalamatas or green are good), chopped broccoli, celery, carrots, bell peppers, or whatever I have on hand. Honestly, anything. you like in pasta salad works for rice salad. Toasted sliced or slivered almonds can add a nice nutty accent and crunch if you like that.

I make a vinaigrette with (balsamic, cider, white wine, sherry or champagne) vinegar, canola or other oil that won’t thicken when refrigeration, a bit of dry mustard or other mustard, a bit of sweet (honey, sugar, stevia) and any herbs of choice (Italian seasoning usually for me – fresh slivers of basil are also good), plus salt and pepper to taste. I use about ½ cup oil and 3 TBL vinegar. Better vinegar makes better salad. You can also buy some great vinaigrettes. Mix it all up and let the flavors combine in the fridge before serving. Add a splash more dressing when serving if you like.

My favorite cold wild rice salad – and it varies a bit each time I make it – is: rice, dried cranberries, thinly sliced spring onions, chopped nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc). Sometimes I add left over poultry or shrimp, mild soft cheese (ricotta is my favorite), sometimes radishes, mandarin oranges, or even strawberries. You get the idea I think? Wild rice has a strong earthy flavor by itself and so needs mostly sturdy, distinct flavors to compliment it. I usually make a raspberry vinaigrette to dress it all, but have been known to use mango.

How long can you keep the Rice Salad in the fridge?

One day if the rice has never been allowed to stand at room temperature after cooking. Smart folks always discard left over rice. Cooked rice quickly spoils from bacillus cereus spores which remain viable in the rice after cooking. These quickly become active at room temperature resulting in food poisoning. Who wants to risk feeling under the weather for a day or more just to save 15 minutes to cook fresh rice?

How To Make Easy Recipe For Rice Salad:


2 cups basmati rice
2 cups of peas
salt as needed
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2 cup cauliflower
2 apples
black pepper as needed
4 lettuce leaves
For garnish
1/4 cup cabbage
1 handful of coriander leaves



STEP – 1

Boil the rice and peas

To start, boil the rice in a casserole dish or large container. Meanwhile, boil the peas in a deep-bottomed saucepan. After boiling the rice and green peas, let them cool. Meanwhile, chop the apples and cut the cauliflower into medium florets.

STEP – 2

Mix all the ingredients

Now take a bowl and mix the rice with the apples, peas, cauliflower florets, salt and pepper. Gently mix all the ingredients.

STEP – 3

Garnish with cabbage leaves and cilantro

Add lemon juice to this mixture and mix well. Transfer this mixture to the lettuce-covered serving bowl. Serve garnished with shredded cabbage and cilantro leaves.


Energy 1106 kj (264cal) 13% Protein 5.1g 10% Total Fat 6.9g 10%Energy 1106 kj (264cal) 13% Protein 5.1g 10% Total Fat 6.9g 10% Saturated 0.7g 3% Carbohydrate Total 48.1g 16% Sugars 18.1g 20% Dietary Fiber 3.6g 12% Sodium 18.8mg 1% Calcium 57.1mg 7% Vitamin A 268 6μg 36% Vitamin C 15.7mg 39%.

What makes rice from a Chinese restaurant sticky?

It is actually quite simple: the rice used in Chinese restaurants is not the same variety as that used in places like India and Pakistan. The rice used in Chinese restaurants is rice from places such as East and South East Asia, which are all more viscous

Thai fragrant rice, for example, is a long-grain rice native to Thailand and is a type of indica rice. It is known worldwide for its sticky flavour and distinctive dewdrop aroma. It is one of the world’s largest rice varieties for export after Indian rice.

Most Chinese rice is short and coarse with high viscosity.

Indian aromatic rice is a type of indica rice with a long, slender and transparent appearance. When cooked, Indian aromatic rice is two to three times longer than raw rice and is drier, looser and less sticky. Indian aromatic rice is therefore suitable for use in fried rice or rice salads.

Basmati (Basmati, Basmati Aromatic Rice, Indian Aromatic Rice) is a well-known aromatic rice variety that is more expensive than Thai Aromatic Rice and has a long history of cultivation. The rice has long, thin, transparent grains with a strong, nut-like aroma; it is low in viscosity, dry and hard, easy to digest, and when cooked, the grains grow 2-3 times.

When northern Indians serve local fragrant rice, it is not only cooked or fried until it is dry and hard, but also boiled with a large amount of spices such as cinnamon, saffron and mint.


Will adding a side of brown rice to your salad make it unhealthy?

Your question has an underlying doubt that, by chance, rice, even brown rice, is unhealthy. Go ahead and give yourself a hug for making a wise choice of grain, especially choosing brown rice over white rice.

Adding a serving or two of brown rice to your salad will make it perfectly balanced. This would supply your body with the much needed micronutrients from the salad and the protein and carbohydrates from the brown rice. If your dressing for the salad is olive oil, you also have your healthy fat.

So enjoy some brown rice with your salad and remember, we eat to feel full. Rice does a good job of making you feel full after a meal. This feeling of fullness keeps hunger at bay for a long period of time.


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What are your favorite rice salad recipes?

Who uses a rice salad recipe? Go to the store, look for what’s bright, fresh and delicious, chop it up and toss it into your salad. Some good contenders include:

Green onions


Serrano peppers








Mustard greens




Sesame seeds

Not all at once, of course. But rice salad is basically rice with stuff in it. You can go savory, you can go for a Middle Eastern flavor with dried apricots, almonds and good olive oil, you can go Asian with scallions, sesame seeds, soy, ginger and shiitake mushrooms. The possibilities are limitless. You don’t need a recipe, you just need a little imagination.


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