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Best Flavoursome Irish breakfast Recipes To Try 2023


Irish breakfast dishes are part of the uniqueness of this country’s cuisine. Each dish has its own charm. Why not try some delicious recipes for a hearty breakfast this week?

What else makes them better? Let’s prepare some light yet delicious breakfast recipes and serve them with your dishes!

The unique flavors of Irish breakfast recipes will never let your taste buds down. So, let’s explore some of the best Irish breakfast recipes to bring to your table!

20 Delightful Irish Breakfast Recipes for Your Energetic Mornings

You don’t have to set foot in Ireland but still feel like a local restaurant with 18 of the most amazing Irish breakfast recipes. Don’t hesitate, and get your tickets now!

Irish Breakfast Recipes with Dough

1.Irish Potato Bread
2.Irish Soda Bread
3.Irish scones
4.Irish Brown Bread
5.Chocolate Chip Soda Bread
6.Irish Rolls (Waterford Blass)
7.Irish Soda Bread Muffins

Irish Breakfast Recipes with Potato

8.Irish Potato Boxty
9.Irish Potato Salad
10.Irish Mashed Potatoes (Colcannon)

Irish Breakfast Recipes with Oatmeal

11.Irish Oatmeal
12.Irish Flapjacks
13.Green Oatmeal

Irish Breakfast Recipes with Egg

14.Irish Egg Benedict
15.Irish Egg Salad Sandwiches
16.Green Pancakes
17.Green Fruit Salad
18.Full Irish Breakfast

Top 20 Amazing Irish Breakfast Recipes That Will Never Let You Down

For an active and energizing day, let’s discover a healthy quick Irish breakfast recipe. You will never be disappointed with either recipe, I promise!

8 scrumptious Irish breakfast recipes with flour for a busy morning

The Irish love using flour to make a convenient breakfast that provides enough starch to start the day. Come see how diverse their cuisine is!

1. Irish Soda Bread


Irish soda bread is unlike other bread. Instead of yeast, you will use baking soda and buttermilk to knead the dough. Hence, this bread has a distinctive buttery aroma and crispy texture when fresh out of the oven.

Specifically, soda bread doesn’t need to be floured, just mix the ingredients and then gently knead a few times to shape the dough and bake! With these tips, you can easily succeed on the first attempt.

Don’t forget to make a big batch on the weekend to share with your neighbors.

And if there is so much bread that you cannot eat at once; Don’t throw it away, instead try turning them into a delicious dish with leftover bread.

2. Irish Potato Bread

Delicious Irish-style bread with a distinctive potato flavor will create an extraordinary feeling. This dish helps to add a great vibe to your family breakfast.

Potato bread is soft and tasty. Spicy potato fritters will make you crazy. You should take the bread out of the oven and enjoy it while it’s still warm.

You can enjoy this quick roti throughout the day. Let’s make Irish-flavored potato bread with your loved ones this weekend.

3. Irish Brown Bread

Irish brown bread is made from whole wheat flour. You can make light or dark brown bread depending on the type of flour used and the ratio of buttermilk and jaggery. Compared to traditional Irish bread, brown bread has a firmer and crispier crust, with a richer flavor.

The presence of whole grain flour and Irish buttermilk also creates an exceptionally buttery flavor to this bread. It also provides you with nutrients to start your day.

You can make instant whole wheat bread with higher fiber content and fewer calories than regular bread with only a few essential ingredients. There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked Irish brown bread in the morning!

If you want to try it, don’t hesitate to head to the kitchen and make this quick bread recipe! And a nonstick-coating bread loaf pan is an essential item for making sure your bread comes out beautifully.

4. Chocolate Chip Soda Bread

Chocolate Chip Soda Bread is another exciting take on classic Irish bread. This bread has long been known in my hometown and will become a new favorite dish for your kids – my favorite breakfast.

The soft and light texture of soda bread combined with sweet chocolate chips will make you feel more tempted while eating. The flavor is surprisingly balanced because the amount of sugar and chocolate chips used is moderate.

With the simplest of ingredients and the easiest way to make, you can prepare your own Chocolate Chip Soda Bread with attractive looks, buttery aroma, and spongy texture.

5. Irish Rolls (Waterford Blass)

Irish rolls are also known as Waterford Blass. You can find this delicious Irish treat in most bakeries on Irish streets. You can even make it at home in your kitchen as it is much easier than you think. Irish rolls are soft, fluffy, and light enough to please your taste buds.

To bake a roll that meets all these taste criteria, you just need to look at these simple recipes. With just a few simple steps, you won’t need to wait long to enjoy it.

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Best Banana Nutella Crepes Recipe – 2022

Best overnight oats in almond milk recipe-2022

6. Irish Soda Bread Muffins

Another variation of traditional soda bread is the Irish soda bread muffin. This muffin is an essential dish at any restaurant, hotel, or bakery in Ireland. Soda Bread Muffins taste nothing short of other more complicated breakfast recipes.

Soda bread muffins have the same buttery flavor as soda bread, but the addition of dried fruit to the bread dough makes it sweeter and more enjoyable. Owing to the sweet and sour taste of dry fruits, you will find it tempting with every bite.

7. Irish Scones

Irish scones are quick medium-sized toasts with a boost of flavor. It is a typical dish that always appears at Irish breakfasts or tea parties. Or you can serve this dish as a dessert for your Irish party to impress your Irish friends.

These scones have a medium thickness. Although not as soft as other bread, they still retain their characteristic sponginess. Scones are made from wheat flour.

This scone is usually enjoyed with Irish cream and strawberry jam while it is still warm. Soft scones will go well with them to create a great taste.

Try this recipe now, and you’ll be getting flavor combinations the typical Irish way!

3 interesting Irish breakfast recipes with potatoes to make your day better:

Your Irish breakfast isn’t complete without a potato recipe! Indeed, Irish potato dishes have a character unlike any other. That’s why you can find many Irish-based cooking ideas with this ingredient. Let’s know what is special in these recipes:

8. Irish Potato Boxties

Potato Boxty is one of the Irish specialties. According to the Irish concept, breakfast is almost not a proper meal without a potato dish like boxty.

This age-old crepe is made from mashed potatoes and flour. It is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. You can serve this dish with bacon and eggs or smoked salmon and cream sauce for the ultimate experience.

While you can go for the ever-popular American bacon, I think you’ll find the defining characteristics of the Irish bacon mix better with potato boxties. Who can say no to the tender flesh, juicy texture, and savory flavor of a slice of Irish bacon?

The combination of mashed potatoes and raw grated potatoes gives this Potato Boxtee a unique texture. That’s why you will find it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Try this special recipe to make the ultimate crispy and delicious Irish Potato Boxties!

9. Irish Mashed Potatoes (Colcannon)

There are various methods of processing potatoes in Ireland, and colcannon is one of them. This recipe is made by mixing mashed potatoes with green onions and greens (usually kale or cabbage). And the essential part is lots of butter and cream, maybe milk!

The interesting thing about eating colcannon is that while feeling the creamy and smooth taste of potatoes and cream in your mouth, you will get crunchy chopped greens mixed with the characteristic aroma of green onions.

This recipe is fun: You make a hole in the center of the mashed potato and pour your favorite amount of melted butter into it. Then use a fork to dip some mashed potatoes in this butter and enjoy!

Plus, it’s important to learn some tips for thickening mashed potatoes to prevent mushy and watery potatoes.

10. Irish Potato Salad

Yet another Irish Potato recipe! This potato salad is similar to the one above with a creamier texture. It also includes some green onions, but this time the greens used is dill pickle. And mixed with some bacon, that’s what counts.

The flavor of this salad is exceptionally creamy yet not cloying. It’s slightly savory with the salt and sourness of the sour cream, great for pairing with grilled meats! For the best experience, refrigerate this potato salad before serving.

3 Quick and Convenient Irish Breakfast Recipes with Oatmeal:

Activate your breakfast with healthy recipes made from oats! Irish Green Oatmeal will breathe life into your boring oats. Why not check them out and try them tomorrow morning?

11. Green Oatmeal

All you need is some spinach to make a nice green color for your Irish porridge! It is one of the most popular cereals used in Ireland. It tastes as good as it looks.

The sticky texture of the oatmeal will be balanced by the freshness of the greens, all making for a great whole. You will feel the distinctive cheesy taste melting in your mouth along with the crunchy texture of each baby spinach.

Not only does it have a significant effect on weight loss, but green oatmeal is also used as a healthy food to nourish the body. And the bright green color of this snack will make you more excited to eat it without getting bored.

12. Irish Oat Flapjacks


The unique flavor of oats, brown sugar, butter, and golden syrup blend perfectly in these flapjacks. You can have them for breakfast throughout the week.

The ingredients for Irish flapjacks are also simple and easy to find, and you can customize them by adding your favorite chocolate or fruit.

These cheesy Caramel Irish Oat Flapjacks are sure to be your favorite treat! You can watch this video to know more:

13. Irish Oatmeal

Irish porridge is usually made by adding oats to milk. This dish has a sticky and crumbly texture like porridge – a lot of fun to eat. In fact, there are some texture differences between oatmeal and oatmeal, but when it comes to breakfast, these two options are excellent.

Oatmeal is also perfect for those who love a sweet breakfast. It takes just a few minutes to make and you are ready to eat.

Oatmeal is effective for weight loss and is widely used in daily life in the prevention and treatment of some chronic diseases. Irish oatmeal also provides healthy unsaturated fats and essential nutrients.

2 Rich-in-Protein Irish Breakfast Recipes With Eggs:

Eggs cannot be ignored when it comes to breakfast! Also, egg is one of the typical Irish ingredients to make the perfect breakfast. Let’s see what scrumptious eggs can be made!

14. Irish Eggs Benedict


Eggs are one specialty of Irish cuisine that you just can’t ignore. It is the perfect choice for providing everyday nutrition. To make it more unique, learn how to make Irish-style Eggs Benedict and contribute to your scrumptious breakfast menu.

Mix the eggs with some of the other ingredients as per this recipe. You will get a worthy reward! It would be great to enjoy breakfast with Irish eggs and cheddar cheese sauce. You can also serve this with lovely Irish Soda Bread for extra carbs and energy for the day.

15. Irish Egg Salad Sandwiches


This may be the oldest Irish breakfast dish. These Egg and Lettuce Triangle Sandwiches are fun to eat. You can hold slices of onion, tomato, or lettuce in your mouth while munching on very creamy and fatty pieces of eggs and cream sauce.

The best part of this recipe is: You can pretty much choose the ingredients you want to put in the middle of the sandwich: do you prefer the rich flavor of eggs or the crunch of onions and lettuce? Or do you prefer sweet and sour mayonnaise or richer cream when mixing the filling?

Depending on your preference, the taste is also somewhat different, but can’t go wrong – it’s mouth-watering either way! Try making your own Irish Egg Salad Sandwich today because it doesn’t take much time!

16. Green Pancakes


Green pancakes are a popular cake on St. Patrick’s Day. This is an exciting no-bake breakfast recipe for those who are fond of cakes but don’t like to do a lot of baking.

Irish Green Pancakes have a mild flavor, with layers that are soft, smooth, and spongy. Making green pancakes is not that difficult. To create an eye-catching look, all you need to do is use ingredients available in your pantry, such as flour, milk, butter, and green food coloring.

When you enjoy it, simply stack three to four layers of green pancakes on top of each other, drizzling the top with syrup, honey, or melted chocolate. Fluffy green pancakes with a characteristic aroma quickly melt in your mouth.

Just thinking about it is enough to make everyone go crazy!

17. Green Fruit Salad


Mixed fruit salad may not sound strange to you because of its health benefits. But the Irish way, you’ll mix all the greens together to get as much Irish spirit as possible!

The incredible taste of green fruits will bring you a totally new and unexpected experience. The natural flavor combined with the sauce makes for a very tasty breakfast dish.

The dish provides many essential vitamins for the body and is particularly suitable for weight loss diets. Depending on the preference of the eater, you can choose the right fruit. Hopefully, your family will have a plate of fresh green salads for days to come.

18. Full Irish Breakfast

A full Irish breakfast has many common ingredients to choose from and combine with your favorite dishes. They usually contain toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, and butter. And of course, it cannot be complete without tea!

Not only for breakfast, but you can also serve this nutritious meal as a replacement for your St. Patrick’s Day party. This will be a hearty meal that all your guests will appreciate.

This Irish breakfast looks gorgeous, and you should try it now!

Let’s make your favorite Irish Breakfast!


How wonderful it is to enjoy your own handmade dishes full of Irish flavor, isn’t it? The sweet aroma filling the dining room will brighten your day!

Hopefully, this article has given you some delicious ideas and helped you find the perfect breakfast for every morning. Don’t hesitate to share this post with people in need. And finally, happy cooking!


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