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Washington Best Burger Outlet-2023

Washington-Best Burger-Outlet-2023

What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?

Washington-Best Burger-Outlet-2023

Coincidentally, the Best Burger I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of great burgers, came after the worst burger I’ve ever eaten.

I used to have an average of one Best Burger a week. In Portland we have many great options and some have come and gone over the years. Stanich’s (Thrillist’s Best Hamburger Award in America), Boc’s, Burgerville and so many more.

And I know the road to burger nirvana at home and I’ve minced my own meat, smoked the meat, made the Bird-in-a-Nest Burger, etc.

And growing up in Seattle, I succumbed to the flattery of Dick’s Hamburgers (eating six and two-thirds plus fries and a midday shake), Wilson’s, Zesto’s, The Wharf, and the wonders of homemade burgers at the old Tokeland Hotel. on Willapa Bay.

Anyway, my wife and I were in Tahiti and three days later I felt like it, so we visited Pacific Burger, which was heavily advertised in tourist pubs. Pacific Best Burger rendering sucked, bigtime.

Rock hard patty, over fried, bitter greens piled half an inch thick, no tomato, yellow onion which is just too strong and a weird nasty sauce. Impossible to finish it, frankly.

Then we took a ferry to Moorea through the Sea of Moons. We tried to drive around it in our tiny Daewoo Matiz which was canary yellow and the size of a loveseat on wheels.

Afternoon we were hungry and shopping in a small collection of shops in the lush jungle. And there was the Lagoon Café.

We walked in and lo and behold this little French cafe was offering a “Cheese Burger”. I ordered it and it came and I was in heaven. Lovely hand-formed patty just made, a perfectly melted slice of cottage cheese, a homemade, buttery fried bun that was wonderfully “poofy” and a wonderfully delicious special sauce.

This burger hit the notes, rang the bell, and the thought still makes my mouth water. Was it really that good? Or was I recovering from the last one? Or was I so homesick for a good one that it caught me close to passing out?

I was also buzzing with an exchange with a young local not far away who had handed me what I thought was a five-franc note. His expression and thanks and the way he ran away jumping in the air every few feet to shout “Yippee!”

showed me that I had a lot to learn about currency, but it flooded me with a vicarious thrill. Turned out to be fifty. Return to the Lagoon Café.

Washington-Best Burger-Outlet-2023

I don’t know but it was simple and frankly just perfect. I also used to enjoy a five-for-a-dollar burger at a grocery store in Aberdeen, Washington called Swanson’s. The patty was so thin, nothing like it since.

The bun was fried in butter and the special sauce was special. When I was eleven, I ate five. But the best? This small French cafe with open windows to lush green foliage and warm service takes the top spot.

A naturally portable and affordable food product by design, the humble burger has become a big seller for D.C. restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

D.C. has long had a love affair with ground beef patties from upscale hotels and steakhouses — Bourbon Steak’s burger lounge ticks both boxes — with powerhouse chains with Mid-Atlantic roots (Shake Shack, Five Guys), pop-ups and food trucks have done good (Mélange, Swizzler) and, more recently, ghost kitchens like Ghost Burger.

Most of the restaurants on this updated map are hyper focused on the quality of the beef they use and the cuts they mix into patties. Gourmet condiments and interesting accents abound. This list is all about animal protein, but fans of veggie burgers should plan a trip to Plnt Burger and Bubbie’s, DC’s meatless hitmakers.


1. Soko Butcher

On one side of this cozy Takoma Park butcher shop, a full kitchen offers deli sandwiches, bone broth, beef suet fries and more from the shop’s sustainable meats. The burger smash places a 21-day dry-aged beef patty on a potato bun with American cheese and mayonnaise.

Follow Soko’s Instagram account for burger specials of the week, like impossible bacon-wrapped burgers with bacon jam, and breakfast burgers topped with sausage and eggs for breakfast. lunch.

LOCATION: 7306 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

PHONE: (240) 588-3331


2. The Avenue

This Chevy Chase neighborhood eatery tops certified angus beef patties — one or two — with all the traditional cheeseburger paraphernalia (shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and American cheese) but trades in the ketchup for its signature “Avenue” sauce. spicy. L’Avenue stuffs it all into a potato bun.

LOCATION: 5540 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

PHONE: (202) 244-4567

3. Slash Run

The rock-n-roll dive at Petworth sends out a solid lineup of nine burgers built with six-ounce Creekstone Farms beef patties. The classic “straight and straight” comes with lettuce, tomato and onion, while an offbeat “barstool rodeo” barbecue works with finely ground coffee.

Order online or dine on its pink and black patio. A punky bro called The Runaway recently made its Brookland debut with jet-black brioche burger buns from local baker Pop’s Buns.

LOCATION: 201 Upshur St NW, Washington, D.C., DC 20011

PHONE: (202) 838-9929


4. Brookland’s Finest Bar and Kitchen

The Brookland neighborhood stalwart is known for his much-loved Colonel burger (certified Angus beef, pickled onions, Tillamook cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon on brioche bun). Served with hand cut fries, fries or a side salad. Order for pickup or dining inside or on the patio.

LOCATION: 3126 12th St NE, Washington, D.C., DC 20017

PHONE: (202) 636-0050

5. Primrose

During the pandemic, Brookland’s French wine bar and bistro has mastered the art of the burger smash with a temporary haul operation dubbed Larry’s Chicken and Cheeseburgers. The best-selling burger is here to stay at Primrose, built with gooey Gruyere cheese, onion jam, mayonnai

LOCATION: 3000 12th St NE, Washington, DC 20017

PHONE: (202) 248-4558

6. Jack’s Ranch Barbecue

After opening as an Italian restaurant, this sprawling 11,000-square-foot beast of a restaurant revamped its menu and concept in May 2022 with a focus on Central Texas barbecue, believing customers really wanted what the restaurant group already knew – smoked meats. The burger comes with two choice beef patties with cheese on a sesame bun.

LOCATION: 1755 Tysons Central St, Tysons, VA 22182

PHONE :(703) 663-4755

7. Lucky Buns (Multiple locations)

Chef Alex McCoy’s Adams Morgan hangout (and Union Market stand) is all about burgers that complement Creekstone Farms beef with globetrotting condiments like XO Bacon Jam, Pickled Red Beets or a Thai chili on D.C.’s prized mumbo sauce. Another location is on its way to the dock this fall.

LOCATION: 2000 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

PHONE: (202) 506-1713


8. Garden District

The Logan Circle beer garden and barbecue joint is a low-key option for one the best cheeseburgers in town. Order a burger basket, and supplement it with fried onion rings, fired pickle spears, or hush puppies.

LOCATION: 1801 14th St NW, Washington, D.C., DC 20009

PHONE: (202) 695-2626


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Where can I find the best burger in New York?

I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten every burger suggested on this thread except for Lucky Burger. I’m surprised no one has mentioned any of the burgers served at Minetta Tavern, which I haven’t tried yet but are supposed to be excellent.

Fast Food StyleBest Burger : Shake Shack has been the best burger in this category for a while now, but has some serious new competitors from 3Bs burgers at Foodparc and burger at Commodore.

Non fast food style burger: Peter Luger when they manage to cook it to temperature (which is about 30% of the time in my experience) – their bacon is also unreal.

Honorable mentions: The Spotted Pig, although the cheese is quite overwhelming; dinner; Le Breslin (same chef as The Spotted Pig but different burger).

The Corner Bistro burger is quite good, unfortunately what you get at the Corner Bistro these days is not that burger (i.e. not the burger that brought them fame).

This burger is served at Stoned Crow on Washington PlaceBest Burger (where the Corner Bistro’s burger chef has moved).

Both Blue Smoke and Shake Shack are owned by Danny Meyer and use the same meat blend. The difference is that the Blue Smoke burger is about twice as big as the Shake Shack burger.

I’ve heard of people successfully getting them to do half a burger.


Who sells the Best Burger in Oregon?

We used to have the Best Burger in the whole country, but the tavern was driven out of popularity?

After an article was written about a popular pub in northeast Portland and appeared in national news feeds, people flocked to the small place, completely crushing the owners’ ability to keep up with demand.

Old customers couldn’t get near the place because customers came from all over the northwest to eat a burger there. Customers complained about a 3 hour wait and no one was happy.

The place closed about a year after the article was published and new found popularity.

They were driven out of business by success. These days, another tavern on the outskirts of Washington County has the best burger. This is another long-running tavern in farm country, but was purchased by the McMinimum service brothers.

I haven’t been there for more than a beer with friends, but they said the burgers were great.


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  • […] Washington Best Burger Outlet-2023 […]

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